Weird Laws

The Youngest Child loves a cause. Today she has been particularly upset because she has come across a story about Russia spilling oil into the Arctic Ocean. What upset her most, is that her sister did not take this outrage seriously enough. Instead The Middle Child was apparently more concerned about the tissue that TheContinue reading “Weird Laws”

Scoop the Poop

A Menopausal Monster Book Review Scoop the Poop: A Mother’s Struggle by Meredith Masony My rating: 4 of 5 stars I have followed Meredith for a number of years, so it was really interesting to read about how she got started on her blog and created ‘That’s Inappropriate’. There were also aspects of her lifeContinue reading “Scoop the Poop”

Last Summer

Today I have been updating The Monster Diaries and so thought I would entertain you with the funniest story from last summer. After reading this you will understand why, perhaps, I am not too disappointed that we may not be able to go anywhere this summer, due to the coronavirus pandemic. I decided it wasContinue reading “Last Summer”

Cola Gate Part 2

Sunday 17th May 2020 So Cola Gate continues. The Youngest Child comes down and says “I’m getting my drink,” while making her way to the fridge. I enquired if she had had breakfast. Yes was the reply! The Husband then pipes up that she was not having cola before 10am. This of course resulted inContinue reading “Cola Gate Part 2”


Life with kids can be funny, exhausting and downright difficult But as mother’s we are never supposed to complain and only talk about how wonderful our precious darlings are. Don’t get me wrong my kids are wonderful, bright, confident human beings, who I am extremely proud of but….. Because they are bright, confident human beingsContinue reading “Hello”