The Monster Diaries

Sunday 7th July

I am burnt to a crisp! We spent a very pleasant day in Canterbury watching England versus Australia in the Women’s Ashes cricket competition. Middle Child had been invited to be part of the Guard of Honour with the other girls from her winter cricket academy, which involved them standing in two lines waving flags, while the teams ran onto the pitch between them. I had booked tickets for myself and The Husband for the uncovered part of the ground as they were cheaper, which turned out to be a good choice as we ended up sitting right next to the teams and had a great view. I hadn’t taken sun cream, however, because it had looked quite overcast and likely to rain but, of course, the sun came out while we were there and literally roasted my neck, leaving me in a similar position as Middle Child was during her holiday to the South of France, when she had not applied sun cream and was a shade of red similar to a tomato (or should I say pomegranate as we were sitting right next to the Australian team and that is where the phrase ‘Pommies’ comes from, as it describes the shade of red us Brits turn in the sun and I had just proved their point).

About half an hour into the first innings, The Husband says that he and Middle Child are going to the shop to get some food and drink and they returned shortly with a carrier bag full of goodies and The Husband had a coffee in his hand. They pulled out some lovely looking pastries and start tucking into them, followed by a large bag of Revels and Milky Way Stars. I was astounded to realise that the pair of them had not thought to buy me neither a pasty nor a drink, not even a bottle of water to keep me hydrated on a hot, sunny day. When I politely pointed this out, I am told that I hadn’t asked for anything, to which I replied that I wasn’t asked if I would like anything but that just sums up how nobody ever gives me a second thought, despite everything I do for them and I turned away shaking my head. Fortunately, I wasn’t feeling particularly hormonal, otherwise I may well have cried, again! I think, for once, The Husband must have realised that their actions could be deemed as a tad hurtful and he quickly despatched The Middle Child back to the shop to get me a bottle of water and a croissant.

We decided to leave during the second innings, as Middle Child was now fed up because she only likes playing cricket not actually watching it, even if it is the national team. I would really have liked to stay and watch England bat but the pub lunch that we went for more than compensated and as it turned out England played dismally and were all out before we had left the pub.

We came home and around 9.30pm Youngest Child talked me into letting her try on her prom dress, that had been sitting, unopened, in the hallway since its arrival three days ago. She had insisted on a black, velvet number that sat off the shoulders, which wasn’t really my cup of tea but I had been too tired to argue. She was slightly worried, she informed me, because it was off the shoulders and she wasn’t sure if it would fit. Her worries were proved to be valid when she put it on and it slipped straight down to her waist! I now have a week and a half to find an alternative and hopefully something that will match the black shoes we have bought. FML!

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