The Monster Diaries

Monday 1st July

I’m hoping that July is going to be a less eventful month than June but it hasn’t started off on the right note. I felt that a couple of colleagues at work were quieter than usual with me and I wasn’t sure if this was to do with my shocking outburst on Friday (though it hadn’t been directed at either of them and one in particular is extremely moody, so I could have just been a bit paranoid) or if it was to do with the number of emails I bombarded everyone with on Saturday morning with some suggestions for doing some things differently. However, I’d had a reply back from the boss regarding the one I sent suggesting something new for next year, saying it was a great idea and to keep them coming, so at least one person liked my enthusiasm.

Then mid-morning it dawned on me that Eldest Child was supposed to be at the orthodontist at 12.05pm to get his brace tightened, which I had completely forgotten about and hadn’t told him anything about it. I snuck into an office to ring him and fortunately he answered, which was surprising seeing as he was in bed and I had woken him up. Although he is more than capable of going to the orthodontist by himself, he wanted me to meet him there, which took up my whole lunch break and I was so hungry I had to eat my lunch back on the job.

Later that evening I decided to ring Mum (who still lives in Manchester) to see if there were any updates on The Brother’s wedding preparations. The Brother (who is fourteen years younger than me) is engaged to a very lovely, young (ten years younger than him) Filipino girl, who as well as being very lovely is also very attractive and glamorous. They were planning on getting married on 1st September in Birmingham, as he lives in Manchester and she lives in Shrewsbury but the religion, they practice has its main church in Birmingham. It has a weird name, something to do with The Church of Christ and has lots of ‘missions’ around the country that seem to be able to be set up by people who aren’t ordained as priests or wear long robes with dog collars, like they do in The Church of England, within which we were brought up. I am sure it is all above board and I just haven’t taken the time to understand it properly, however just in case, when he took Middle and Youngest Child to a summer fete, I said it was fine as long as they didn’t get taken to any services (just in case they were brainwashed).

Now it seems, not only will we be attending a wedding ceremony at said church but Middle and Youngest will be taking an active part in the service as they are bridesmaid and flower girl.

Unfortunately, 1st September is a training day at work, but The Boss very kindly said I could have an, unpaid, day off and miss the very important training that I have participated in every year for the last six years and has barely changed. Sod’s law says that this will be the year there are some very important changes that I really should know about.

However, I may be able to attend said safeguarding training after all because, despite it being only two months away, they are unsure if the wedding may be able to go ahead on the planned date. Apparently The Fiancée has to apply for a partner visa, in order to marry, which involved me writing a letter stating that it was a genuine relationship and I had met her several times, both at my home and his and that The Fiancée was a part of our family. This is despite the fact that she has lived in this country for nearly ten years and has a job and pays tax and everything. According to Mum it can take up to twelve months to sort out this partner visa and seeing as they had only begun the process a couple of months ago, I did feel like it was slightly late in the day, especially as I needed to know whether I was able to attend the very important training (therefore not losing a day’s pay) and also I was quite concerned that there may not be any rooms left at the nice hotel in Birmingham, which I had picked out ages ago. Mum assured me that The Brother had paid four thousand pounds to have the visa fast tracked, which meant it should only take two months to process, which should be anytime now. The perplexing thing is that next year, once The Fiancée has lived in the UK for ten years, she gets leave to remain, which would mean she wouldn’t have needed the partner visa to marry. Personally, I would have waited another year and saved myself the four grand but young love doesn’t wait (or so I believe as I can’t remember that far back).

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