Weird Laws

The Youngest Child loves a cause. Today she has been particularly upset because she has come across a story about Russia spilling oil into the Arctic Ocean. What upset her most, is that her sister did not take this outrage seriously enough. Instead The Middle Child was apparently more concerned about the tissue that TheContinue reading “Weird Laws”

Internet Down

This morning we all settled down at our various laptops and devices to begin our day of home working / home schooling, to find that there was no internet connection. Of course the children didn’t mind this so much, as it meant they couldn’t complete their school work but, as their phones had data, theyContinue reading “Internet Down”

Scoop the Poop

A Menopausal Monster Book Review Scoop the Poop: A Mother’s Struggle by Meredith Masony My rating: 4 of 5 stars I have followed Meredith for a number of years, so it was really interesting to read about how she got started on her blog and created ‘That’s Inappropriate’. There were also aspects of her lifeContinue reading “Scoop the Poop”

Free School Meals

What are your thoughts on what Katie Hopkins has had to say about free school meals? (See the link below). Personally I think she is generalising. There are people claiming free school meals because they have found themselves in a situation, through no fault of their own, whether it be due to death, divorce, unexpectedContinue reading “Free School Meals”

A Child’s Wisdom

So I was just watching a live video by a blogger that I follow, during which she was talking about racism and how we as parents have a duty to teach our children how to be accepting of each others differences. While I absolutely agree with her that it is our responsibility to raise ourContinue reading “A Child’s Wisdom”

Raised Eyebrows!

I have updated the last of the Monster Diaries that I wrote last year. I didn’t write for a long while after these last entries because I was busy doing a degree and back at work full-time. I hope to resume writing them in the near future but life is actually pretty quiet nowadays, especiallyContinue reading “Raised Eyebrows!”

For Better or Worse

I read an article yesterday that talked about how, when we come out of lockdown, there will be a surge in divorce cases. I can only imagine how difficult some people have found it being in total lockdown with their spouses. If things were difficult before, the current situation would surely exacerbate problems and perhapsContinue reading “For Better or Worse”

Cooking with Kids

I have just uploaded a recipe for apple crumble that I do make quite regularly for the family. The last time I made it, I allowed The Youngest Child to help me. I don’t always have the patience for cooking with the children because it is sometimes just quicker and easier (and less messy) toContinue reading “Cooking with Kids”