Internet Down

This morning we all settled down at our various laptops and devices to begin our day of home working / home schooling, to find that there was no internet connection. Of course the children didn’t mind this so much, as it meant they couldn’t complete their school work but, as their phones had data, they could still chat with friends and play games. I on the other hand, was mightily pissed off. It was the first week in ages that I had a ton of work to do, which I was halfway through and I had been feeling very productive for a change. I needed to be connected to the internet, as all the work I was doing was on my laptop and it was dependent on being online. I braved the building site that is my living room to check the router. There was a red phone flashing on it. On top of that it was absolutely covered in brick dust. So, of course, I got on the phone to The Husband and accused him of disconnecting something and fucking up everyone’s day. While I was about it I shouted at him over the fact that he hadn’t protected any of the electrical equipment adequately, proved by the fact that he had not removed the TV from the room, until after he had knocked the chimney breast down and I had then had to spend half an hour cleaning it. I pointed out that the router and the Virgin TV box are probably so full of dust that they are likely to not work again (whether they worked at all is debateable) and that the dust inside could very well start to burn and cause a fire (something we are all sensitive about). As he began to speak in his defence, I hung the phone up.

I went back to turn the router off and on again, upon which a green flashing light appeared. I used my phone to look up what this meant. I was directed to the Virgin website where it very helpfully informed me that there was a fault with our broadband, the engineers were working on it and it should be fixed by 1.55pm. Ooops! So it was nothing to do with the dust or a possible disconnected wire. I considered ringing The Husband back to explain and apologise but, as he is the king of ‘I told you so’, instead I informed The Middle Child that she was not to tell him and we will just say that it started working again.

I then set about trying to connect my laptop to my phones data. Well FMFL! It took almost an hour to work it out and when I finally did get it connected, it was so slow that everything took twice as long. However, I finally managed to get my work completed and, I kid you not, two minutes after I had emailed my project to one of the senior leaders, The Middle Child started shouting “the internet is back on!” FML!


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