The living room renovation has begun! I have spent the last couple of days packing up said room. There is still a bit to do, but I have run out of boxes, so I am waiting for tomorrow when The Youngest Child opens the massive box, containing a balloon bouquet for her birthday. Then I will quickly steal the box and fill it with items from those cupboards, that have not seen the light of day for about five years. One cupboard contains numerous Wii games and seeing as the Wii was destroyed in the fire, I am considering consulting Music Magpie or Zifit, as to whether I can get a few quid for them. Middle Child suggested we just replace the Wii. Considering it had been in the bottom of a box in the treehouse for several years, and no-one had used it in that amount of time, I think not.

I am dreading the mess and the upheaval that this living room renovation is going to cause. We haven’t even had the go ahead yet to clear the fire damage, plus seeing as The Husband’s workshop burnt down, I don’t know how easy it is going to be to build the bookcases and cupboards that he is planning to. I suppose it’s my own fault for moaning how dated and grubby it looks. To be fair the wallpaper and cheap laminate has been there since before we moved in, fifteen year ago. I also knew it was on the cards, hence why I bought myself a nice comfy reading chair to go in the kitchen. Thinking I could spend my evenings in there, curled up with a book and a glass of wine, while The Husband gets on 😊.

The Husband suggested that I get a job lot of small cardboard boxes to put my 300+ books into. But, knowing better, I bought three massive ‘really useful’ plastic boxes, in which to store my precious possessions. I understood why he suggested small cardboard boxes, when Eldest Child nearly gave himself a hernia, and I an asthma attack, after lugging them up two flights of stairs to my bedroom. I, of course, will inform The Husband that it was a breeze. When he asks why, then, is there one box under the stairs, I will tell him that the bedroom was getting cramped, and not reveal that the real reason, was because I had to have a lay down for half an hour, after taking two of them upstairs.

I wish it was just a simple decoration job, however, it is going to be a complete refit. The chimney breast will be coming out, the walls re-plastered and the artex ceiling smoothed over. It only seems a little while ago (it was four months) that I came back from a visit to my mother, to find the promised new kitchen, still looking like a demolition site. When I broke down in tears, The Husband helpfully informed me that, “In six months time you will be looking back and thinking it was all worth it!” I informed him that I better be looking back in six weeks and thinking it was all worth it! And, of course, I was. He rose to the challenge and I now have my longed for new kitchen (the longing went on for five years). So, hopefully in the not too distant future, I will be looking back at this before picture, and thinking it was all worth it.

A quick update on the ‘Man-child’ saga. After 24 hours with no gaming equipment, all work was completed, attitude improved and UCAS application started. Interesting what confiscating a set of headphones can do! He was even on time to leave for his first day back in school this morning. Shame the car wouldn’t start and we ended up having to abandon the journey.

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