Home Insurance

So a bit of an emotional afternoon. As mentioned in the last post, we had a fire three weeks ago and we have been waiting for the insurance company to send someone out to look at it. A guy from a restoration company came this afternoon, expecting to be looking at a smoke damaged summer house. Instead, what he was confronted with were three outbuildings consisting of a large treehouse (think log cabin), workshop and huge ‘man cave’. All of which were completely destroyed. He took one look and declared that he would be writing off the building and all of the contents as beyond repair. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from them, but I was feeling daunted by the mammoth task of clearing the site and cataloguing all of the contents. However, we were told that they would be doing all of that for us. They would be getting in builders and landscapers to remove, repair and rebuild not just the outbuildings but the garden, paths and fences. They would also send round a tree surgeon to assess and if necessary, take down, the huge conifer that was destroyed. On top of this they would remove all of the contents and photograph them for the insurance company, as well as clean and repair anything that can be salvaged. I was not expecting them to do so much. I really thought that all of those things would be left to us. I feel that this company has swooped in and engulfed us a big bear hug that has left me feeling that we are being looked after by these angels in disguise. The moral of this story is that everyone should make sure they have buildings and contents insurance. It is the best money I have ever spent. Not just for the financial remuneration of all you have lost, but also for the help and support that you are given, during what is an extremely devastatingly traumatic time.

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