Cola Gate

Saturday 16th May 2020

So the day has started off extremely well (please read in a sarcastic tone of voice). The Youngest Child came downstairs demanding cola, while flouncing around in a blanket. It was around 10am and as she had not had any breakfast and I am trying to be a good mother, I informed her that she was not having cola at this time when she had not even had breakfast. She grabbed a handful of grapes out of the fridge and asked if she ate those would they count as breakfast. Whatever. I could already sense how things were going to go. She again asked for cola. The thing is with the fizzy drinks, despite them being sugar free, I do not approve of them being in the house. Not only is the fizzy not good for Eldest Child’s braces, it causes no end of arguments over who has had more than who. However, The Husband insists that during lockdown everyone needs some treats. So the rule is do not involve me in any fizzy drink saga. So it was that I declared that fizzy drinks are nothing to do with me, go and ask your father. The Husband said that she was not having the cola as she has drank the other bottle and the remaining one is for him. Well, this resulted in more flouncing, stamping and shouting about how she wasn’t the one who drank it and the usual catchphrase of ‘it’s not fair’. After several minutes of The Husband trying to justify why she can’t have the cola and her shouting and stamping, I intervened by informing my husband that he didn’t have to justify himself the answer is no and that he does not have to give her a reason. Well of course this earned me a lot of back chat, to which I muttered that if I had spoke to my mum like that I’d have got a smack in the mouth. She clearly heard me as, while flouncing up the stairs, she shouted “you are not allowed to do that!”

It’s going to be one of THOSE days!

Later she came back down the stairs to shout at me over the fact that I had given a necklace to The Middle Child and to inform me of how mean and unfair I am and how I shouldn’t give something to one if I am not giving it to the others. I do appreciate what she is saying and usually I am all for fairness, but The Middle Child just happened to be there when I came across the necklace. I am sure if it had been The Youngest Child who had been there and she had been given the necklace it wouldn’t have been an issue!

Later still, she came down to ‘make herself a coffee’ and as I was over the shouting by that time I just let her get on with it, though not sure if, at 11 years of age, coffee is any better than cola, but you do have to pick your battles. As she walked out of the kitchen she looked over to me and sweetly whispered “love you mummy”. 🙄🙄

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