Life with kids can be funny, exhausting and downright difficult

But as mother’s we are never supposed to complain and only talk about how wonderful our precious darlings are. Don’t get me wrong my kids are wonderful, bright, confident human beings, who I am extremely proud of but…..

Because they are bright, confident human beings they are also opinionated and are more than capable of standing up for their rights (which often involves threatening to call ChildLine for the slightest perceived insult). Most days I take it all in my stride but some days I am tired, pre-menstrual or just not in the mood. Add into the mix peri-menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and a burning rage that I like to call my menopausal monster and we have an explosive combination. These are the days when I feel the need to vent. After a particularly difficult few days I began to keep a diary of sorts, to give myself a place to ‘get things off my chest’. Reading these stories back I found myself laughing and thinking that, although at the time I was angry, frustrated and even tearful, it was sometimes like living in my very own sitcom. I shared a few of these stories with friends and they too found them funny and it was suggested that I write a book. Now in between looking after three kids, various animals and a plethora of troublesome plants, not to mention the degree I am currently in the middle of, I really don’t have the time to write a book. However I did feel the need to share my stories in some format, even if it is just to brighten up someone else’s day. So that is how this blog was born. As stated in the disclaimer, my children are very much loved and cared for and are at no risk from harm. These stories are full of things said ‘in the heat of the moment’ and do not mean that I do not love my kids or would not die for them. Please keep this in mind when reading before you inundate me with cries of what a bad mother I am. I tell myself that many times a week so you don’t need to.


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